Sydney and Harry

If you know me, you know that the Washington Coast is one of my favorite places to be. I don't get to make it out there as often as I wish, just because it's such a long drive. But, when I do, its ALWAYS worth every single second!

I showed up to Ruby Beach one evening, just in time to watch sunset. I was sitting on a log in the rocks, camera in hand, and all I could think was "this is too beautiful to not take advantage of..."

Only a few moments later, I saw Harry and Sydney holding hands, walking down the beach. As soon as I saw them, I quickly got up from my log and walked towards them. I had a bright yellow backpack on, and I'm a pretty small asian girl. I knew I couldn't come off as too intimidating ;)

And that's when I introduced myself with the usual, "Hi, I'm Celine! I'm a couples photographer, and this is so random, but what are you guys up to right now, and can I take pictures of you two?"

These two were SO KIND and quickly told me yes!

Heres a little bit of what I got to capture!