Jordan and Tony

I met Jordan and Tony last year. I shot their engagement and wedding, and this was just the exact description of "client turned best friend". I can't even begin to express to you how amazing I think these two are!!

Jordan texted me one afternoon and just said "hey, I was looking at my wedding dress in my closet and I think I want to do some kind of trash the dress session", and I said "say no more."

We quickly planned a day to drive out to Ruby Beach, and found the most perfect day to do it!

As soon as we got there, I had them cross the stream to get over to where the big rock boulders are (if you know, you know). I myself found a large log that had tipped over the stream, and decided to walk across it. I mean, nothing could go wrong right? I was wearing Blundstone boots. I'm fine right? WRONG. I slipped right off the log and fell STRAIGHT IN to the water, chest deep. Luckily I saved my camera, but I spent the rest of the shoot as a WAP (wet ass photographer). But hey, these pictures made it WELL worth it!!