Alli and Jaden

Alli came to me with the dream of getting her engagement photos done in the middle of a million fall colors, and I said I know just the right place!!! Mount Rainier never lets us down *insert heart eyed emoji here*!

These two have known each other since they were just little kids, and now they're getting MARRIED!!! Peep the photo of them from their childhood as you scroll down!!

Every time I step foot onto Mount Rainier, it always feels like my very first time. Its so huge with so many trails, you'll always find something new to see, and find new places to walk!

Alli and Jaden met me at the Visitors Center, and I took them to a place close by to start taking their pictures. It was pretty cold when we first got there, but we warmed up quick as we walked up the trails. It was definitely a busier day up at Rainier when we got there, and at first I was a little bit nervous, since I knew we would stay close to the bottom and wouldn't be able to escape the crowd too much. But, needless to say, it worked out so great and these two ROCKED THE SESSION!!! Now, wedding, here we come!