Jordan + Tony

When these two first reached out to me, i was floored. I immediately knew that these two were my kind of people and that we would have the best time together! There's just an energy about these two that bring so much joy and excitement to every room they walk into. Every time we talked, it felt like reconnecting with old friends i've known my whole life. From their engagement session at Gold Creek Pond, all the way to the wedding day where they told me to put down the camera so i could party with them. I'll FOREVER be so grateful i've found some life long friends!!

Jordan and Tony are some of the most welcoming people i've ever met. Their presence is calming, but SO much fun. They have an insane amount of fun together and that was all but clear on their wedding day, smiling, dancing, and singing, even when it poured down rain! They put so much time and detail into their special day, and it was an absolute dream to be able to capture it all for them!