Erin and Matthew

This day was by far one of the most special days I've ever had. I've known Matthew since we were just in kindergarten. We we're childhood best friends, and we were even next door neighbors when we were younger. When we both hit late elementary, we had to move away from each other due to our parents jobs. Well, fast forward about 10 years, Matthew and I got back in contact through social media, and he told me he was coming to Seattle for a visit! And since that day, we've made sure to not go 10 years without talking again!

Alright, stay with me now. We're going to fast forward a few years again (I think about 3?), and Matthew texts me letting me know that he had proposed to his girlfriend, Erin, they're coming to Seattle, and they want me to take their engagement photos!! I FREAKED OUT OKAY, I WAS SO EXCITED. First for the fact that he was coming back in town, AND because I got to meet Erin!!

From the moment I met Erin, I just KNEW she was the perfect girl for Matthew. She was sweet, funny as hell, and took every sarcastic remark and knew how to throw it right back. Now, she's someone who's so close to my heart.

Now jumping forward ANOTHER 2 years, they flew me out to Purcellville, Virginia to capture one of the most important days of their lives, their wedding day. Now when I tell you I weeped this day, I WEEPED. All I could think of was the days when Matthew and I would sit on our living room floor playing with Star Wars action figures, or running and playing outside from the moment the sun came up, all the way until the street lights came on. And now I was witnessing him getting married to the love of his life. I don't know if there's a more perfect match out there.

Now peep the very last picture in the blog. (: